Axial fan airfoil high efficiency


Our background & heritage

Multi-Wing Group was originally founded by Finn Sigurd Andersen (F.S. Andersen) in 1938 as a local company trading hand tools and oil filters with small customers in Denmark.

The move into axial fan impellers happened almost by chance. In 1958 Finn Sigurd Andersen had bought a new car, the ground breaking CitroenDS19.

The first time he took it to the company it naturally attracted a great deal of attention, especially the engine, which surprisingly featured a plastic engine cooling impeller. Finn’s cousin, Harald, who was intrigued by the concept of making impellers out of thermo plastic, came up with the idea of producing an impeller from individual components.

Harald realised that by combining relatively few components it would be possible to produce a vast number of different impellers. Hereby, a unique modular axial impeller platform was created. The company and eventually the Multi-Wing Group has since 1958 concentrated on the core business of axial impellers.

Focus towards excellence in Axial impellers

Today Multi-Wing Group supports customers all over the world within the radiator, refrigeration and ventilation segments. We meet their complex air-moving requirements by designing and creating tailor made axial impeller products covering a huge number of product configurations and service.

Since 1966, the Group's global expansion started and Multi-Wing is now present in 25 countries.

In India, though Multi-Wing has serving Indian customers since 1998 through a distributor, Multi-Wing setup its own regional sales offices and an assembly plant in Pune in 2011. 

The manufacturing facility is built based on best practices from Multi-Wing Group ensuring high quality products a

nd service levels for the Indian market.

Multi-Wing India Pvt Ltd -Gat No. 94-100, High Cliff Industrial Estate Wagholi Rahu Road, Village Kesnand Pune - 412 207 - India