Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Dryers and kilns

Dryers and kilns

The main success criterion is to achieve homogeneous drying whether that is of timber or bricks. To comply with these demands we can offer a range of true reversible axial fans producing equal air flow and pressure in both operating directions.

Dryers and kilns are also characterized by high ambient temperature and relatively high humidity, which means that it is critical that the axial fans can operate at 60-100°C and stay corrosive resistant. Multi-Wing true reversible fans meet these demands and with efficiency rates as high as 74% provide a cost effective solution in these tough conditions.

Fan blades suitable for dryers and kilns are: TR7Z, TR8Z and TR11W. These are all true reversible fan blades offering high efficiency solutions. TR7Z is available in both glass reinforced polypropylene PPGglass reinforced polyamide PAG and an aluminum alloy ALTR8Z and TR11W are both available in the aluminum alloy AL. The fans are available in diameters between 319mm and 1606mm and in pitch angles between 25° and 50° with 1° increment.

Industrial ventilation

Industrial ventilation covers a wide range of different applications ranging from ventilation systems for various commercial buildings to smoke and heat control systems also known as smoke spill applications.

Livestock Ventilation

Ventilation systems may be either roof mounted units or units incorporated in the walls to ensure best possible climate for livestock typically pigs or chickens.

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