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Testing at Multi-Wing

At Multi-Wing testing is the very foundation of our in depth product knowledge and ability to offer world class support to our customers.

Windtunnel sound measurement

Technical excellence is, and has always been the cornerstone of our business. The desire to be at the leading edge of axial fan technology is the driving force behind the introduction of such facilities as our wind tunnel, the Optimiser and Designer software packages, and our R&D capabilities.

We continuously invest in our very advanced test laboratories. In our wind tunnel which is built to the AMCA 210 figure 12 / ISO 5801 figure 71b we test all of our developments but are also able to test complete end user applications such as radiator packages. Benefits are extremely high especially when it comes to optimizing the fan and the application.

The wind tunnel also forms one of the cornerstones in our innovation. It produces a wealth of reliable data on our developments and reduces our time to market. This is particularly interesting when we develop 100% customized fan solutions.

We take pride in being experts within this business when it comes to aerodynamic flow and determining how conditions may be optimized. At Multi-Wing we have invested in state of the art equipment to map the flow conditions of a given application and we have the skilled engineers to analyse the data and interpret them for you. Benefits are that you get a much more durable design, which in turn operates at the maximum efficiency and lowest possible sound level.

We have different possibilities when is comes to testing the durability of our axial fan solutions, whether that is by spin burst testing, strain gauge testing, start-stop testing or even vibration testing. These tests combined with our engineering capabilities enable us to give you very accurate recommendations to suitable fan selections and expected life time.

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Fan selection software

The Optimiser fan selection software has been developed by Multi-Wing to enable our customers to select the optimum fan solution for your specific application requirements.
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